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The Strypes in Rolling Stone

Teens coming up oh yeah!

The Strypes in Rolling Stone

Teens coming up oh yeah!

Strypes oh yeah

HOTCHA!  Thank you Strypes for a blast of a show last night at San Francisco’s Bottom Of The Hill.  :D

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And so it’s done. :)


Atenttion! My dash is so dull so if you reblog any of these I will follow you:

  • The Who
  • The Beatles
  • Pink floyd
  • Led zeppelin
  • The doors
  • Bob Dylan 
  • SImon and Garfunkel
  • David Bowie

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Friendly Fires cover of Baby It’s You by The Shirelles.

so so soooo lovely

I love their covers.  Not sure where they did this, but ahhh great keyboards and guitar.  And Ed’s voice just takes it to another level.