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The definition of a healthy lifestyle is not working out all the time, eating fruits and vegetables and lifting.

A healthy lifestyle is doing whatever you like, smiling, inner peace, eating whatever you like and whatever is good for your body and your soul, loving, being happy, laughing with the ones you love, feeling comfortable with your body and being positive. Enjoy being alive.

This is perfect. I’m framing this.

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I <3 Pibbles!



:)  Love those pities.  

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i’m a strong believer that not everything you do needs an explanation. if you want a tattoo, get one. if you rather stay home that night, it’s okay to miss that party. don’t forget that you’re living for yourself. you don’t owe anyone an explanation for your choices or preferences.

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The Pills - I’ve Got My Spies On You

The Pills were from Boston, MA. This was from their 2nd album, The Pills Kick In.


The Draytones “Keep Loving Me”

Now that my friend Paola has nudged me about this band, I’m back onto listening to them again. With pleasure. After some time away, they’re back again. But this song was on James Endicott’s 1965 Records. Classic.


The Tones - Overdose

TONES BABY! ‘AV IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone needs to listen to this young lot from Epsom RIGHT NOW!


The Strypes on Japanese TV (on air 13.05.2013)

This wasn’t so long ago. They look and sound like a different band there. It’s wild. But that’s what so great about them: It’s the watching and listening to them evolve and change. :) I love this.


Thank you Temples/Wampire/Fever The Ghost for a groove-filled show at The Fillmore last night.  

Thanks La Roux/Midnight Madness for a danceholic show at Oakland’s Fox Theater.  

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Is it my imagination, or are Josh’s arms getting hella big from all that playing?  Damn man.  

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